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Land Rover Club Poland invitesall 4x4 enthusiasts to take part in tourist off roadmountaintrip
Youcanjoinus for the trekacross the Romanian mountains for expedition:
7 or 12 days(It ispossible to book a dateJuly and August with a minimum of 4vehicles*)

We havebeentraveling in the mountains of Romania for manyyears. Ourfirstmeeting with the RomanianCarpathians was in 2005. Sincethen, we havebeenthereeveryyear. We got to knowthese mountains and this country verywell and we can show you the most beautifulcorners of itthatofficialguidebooksaresilentabout.

We go up the mountains above 2000 m. We willdriveabout 2500 - 3500 km in Romania.  We willvisiting the most bueautifull part of mountais, NationalParks, lakes, numerousmountainbands, eg.Bihor, Metalife, Sureanu, Cindrel, Lotru… etc

We do not plan extreme off-road, the tour isplanned as a touristactivity. However, someparts on the routemay be tough, especially in a rainyweather.

As for accommodation, the general idea is to sleep on the route, ideally in the cars. In the mountains itisverydifficult to findareasflatenough for tents and big enough to contain a fewvehicles and tents.
Food isteams’ ownresponsibility. Everyfewdays we go to a city to fillup the cars and do the shopping. Anythingyoumightneediseasilyavailable in shops, sothereis no need to bringloads of food with you. Food pricesarecomparable to Polishones, so by western-Europeanstandardstheyshould be cheap.

We set off at 9 or 10 ameverymorning; coffeeeee, photooooo and food breakisplaned. At 6 pm we start looking for a place to camp.
Thereis no verystrictroutine we follow, mountains aretoounpredictable for that. Plus apart from the driving, we will be alsodoingsomesightseeing. From time  to time, we go hiking.
We willspend most of the time in desertedareas, with no orhardlyanypeople to comeacross. The nationalParkscan be anexception.
We plan to visit 2 or 3 cities.

In the case of doubtsorquestions, feelfree to contactus. E.mail:

More info and bookingavailable:

* The event will not take place ifthereare not atleast 4 vehicles on one date.

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